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Timac Agro USA…Headquartered in Reading, Pennsylvania, we are a specialty company focused on plant and animal nutrition, committed to providing the best products in the industry. Our employees are passionate about their work and implementing superior programs at a local level. With our products, it does not matter where the farm is, what crop the farmer is growing, or what production issue the farmer is facing, we have a program for every scenario. We invite you to “Think Different...Farm Better.”

 As part of Le Groupe Roullier much of our intensive R&D testing takes place at our Global Innovation Center in Saint-Malo, France. We are committed to the continuous innovation of products that enhance and sustain total farm health.  

The Roullier Group is 8k employees worldwide with fantastic science behind our products. Timac Agro USA is looking for people to lead us to our next level of growth. In 2015 we were 30 sales people in USA, 3 years later we are almost 90 sales people with a total employee count of almost 200. The need to develop future leaders is now!

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